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June General Meeting

  • 06/09/2011
  • 7:00 PM
  • FH Steinbart Co
When: Thursday June 9th @ 7:00pm

Where:  FH Steinbart Co (map it)

What:  FIRST ANNUAL (maybe) GADGET NIGHT and CHILI COOKOFF EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!  + Pale Ale Club Competition

Everyone knows that there is more than one way to skin a mouse, so we are inviting all of our inventive members to display your best homebrewing gadgets!  Have you figured out the "perfect" way to dry hop?  Is your carbonation set up "better than the best"?  Figured out how to "mash" in an porta potty?  We want to see it and we want you to take all of the credit!  We will have tables set up for the displays and with a little luck, a few prizes for the most popular gadgets.

Everyone also knows that there are more types of chili than you can shake an axe at, so we want you to bring yours!  Brew up a pot of your famous (or soon to be) chili and lets let the games begin.  Beans, beanless, meat, vegetarian, spicy, mild, blue, we want them all and there will be prizes for the favorites.  Don't forget to turn in your receipts too.  The club will reimburse you for reasonable expenditures when you prepare food for a meeting.

And by the way, Homebrew of the Year points will be awarded to everyone who brings gadgets, chili, or Sammy Hagar to the meeting!

And, we are not done yet!  We have a virtual plethora (love that word) of new brewers in the club (old ones too) and we imagine that they would love to have some specific feedback on their latest creations.  Pale Ale must be one of the most common beer styles brewed, especially when just starting out, so we are going to throw a Club-Only Pale Ale competition with a twist.  Not only will your beer be judged traditionally and a winner announced, but we are adding a educational component.  Details will be posted on the competition page, but the basics are that the entrant will have an option to ask the judges questions about the beer they have entered.  You can ask what that strange flavor is.  Ask how you can get a clearer beer.  Or, maybe you weren't sure if it fits the style properly.  Hopefully, this will be a valuable exercise for both the brewers and the judges.  And in case you're wondering, the questions will be kept from the judges eyes until after the beer has been scored.  Stay tuned to the competition pages for more details. 

As with all FH Steinbart Co meetings, this one is open to all members and guests.  Hope to see you there.

Education topic: Open Forum!  A panel of experienced and successful OBC homebrewers will answer questions from the group in an open Q&A informal format.  Think of it as chatting about making better beer with 100 of your closest friends.

Food: We would like to have food available at this meeting, so we encourage our members to bring some food items for everyone to share. Don't forget that bringing food to share at a meeting can earn not only Karma points but also raffle tickets.  Meagan will be holding a raffle for all members that bring food items.  She will be giving away a $25 gift card and more. On top of all of this, our 2018 Burgermeister, Meagan Thompson would love the support!

Beer:  Beer is a very important part of these meetings. We wouldn’t have beer without our members. Growler fills and bottled homebrew  are highly encouraged as this is a great way to share your beer with your peers and get honest and immediate feedback. If you bring a keg of your homebrew to a meeting you will earn Karma Points! Keep in mind that we may have beer planned for the Education topic or beer from other club specific brewing events. So that we can balance the amount of beer available at our meetings It is very helpful for us to plan in advance of the meeting. If you would like to request a tap spot for your keg, or if you plan to pour a keg via a picnic tap, please let us know in advance! We ask that if you do bring a keg, that you give a brief talk to the members about the details of your beer . Please contact Club VP to see if there is room for your keg @ Brian.haslip@oregonbrewcrew.org

Please support your club and plan on attending! Guests and visitors are welcome at all "In" Meetings!

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