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  • 01/08/2017 3:27 PM | Dylan
    Here are your 2016 OBC election results:

    President - Jim Thompson

    VP - Brian Haslip

    Treasurer- Sean Morrison

    Secretary- Jodi Campbell

    Communication Chair - Jon Campbell

    Education Chair- Alex Brehm

    Festival Chair - Sean Sanders

    Burgermeister- Meagan Thompson

    Competition - Corrie Heath

    The Unbalanced budget got a majority of the votes.

  • 07/18/2016 10:31 AM | Dylan

    Each year, Widmer Brothers Brewing donates $4 per barrel of Collaborator beer sold to the OBC. This money is usually passed on to the Bob McCracken Scholarship fund at OSU to assist students in the Fermentation Science program.


    For the past few years, this amount has been less than $1000 so we usually add money from our normal budget to make it about $1000. This year, however, the amount exceeded our expectations. We were given a check by Rob Widmer at the BBQ for $1,671.45! This is terrific news for the OBC and for the Bob McCracken Scholarship recipients. Next time you see Rob, give him a hearty thank you!




  • 06/20/2016 12:29 PM | Dylan

    This report is federally required and contains information about the water system, including how the water is monitored, treated, and distributed.

    Read the report here:

    You can also request a paper copy here:


  • 05/31/2016 9:01 PM | Dylan

    ENTRIES ARE DUE FRIDAY, JUNE 3rd at FH Steinbart or Burnside Brewing!

    Entries are divided into five categories:


    1. Light Colored (12 SRM and lower),
    2. Dark Colored (greater than 12 SRM),
    3. Sour / Wild Fermentation
    4. Spice/Herb
    5. Cider / Perry

    Details are here!

  • 02/25/2016 5:19 PM | Dylan

    We are launching a coalition of breweries, water service companies, and homebrew clubs to help the families who live in Flint, MI.  

    If you are not aware already, the water source for Flint was changed from Detroit's water supply (Lake Huron & the Detroit River) to the Flint River to save money. The water from the Flint River is highly corrosive and was not treated properly. This led to the water pipes in Flint to become damaged and leech out lead and other contaminants. This water should not be bathed in let alone consumed. Lead poisoning in children leads to long term learning disabilities. Many of the residents of Flint are poor and do not have a car so cannot easily get access to the bottled water that is being distributed.

    Fortunately, the city has since switched the water source back to the original source, however, the damage to the pipes has been done and the water is still poisonous. 

    Read more about the crisis in this American city, here:

    Our donation will be used as seed money to get additional donors from the brewing and water treatment communities. Ultimately, 100% of the funds raised will go to help the folks of Flint.

    To date, we have pledges of support from the following companies and clubs:

    • Clean Water Services
    • Montavilla Brew Works
    • Pints & Zoiglhaus
    • Coin Toss Brewing
    • Genessee Brewers Club

    Here's where you can help!

    We need volunteers to help reach out to breweries and homebrew clubs to partner with us. If you are interested in helping, please send an email to

    Thank you for your support!

    For social media communications, use #BeerForFlint


    Dylan VanDetta

    OBC Treasurer

  • 08/19/2015 11:53 AM | Frederick (Rick) Okamura


    Thanks go to MainBrew, for sponsoring the raffle, the 91 entrants who came by the booth, and our 296 active members who support the club's festival budget, making this all possible. 

    Thanks, in particular, go to the 28 volunteers who gave of their time and energies to make the OBC booth at the NAOBF such an inviting and enjoyable place to be, one of which happened to be Carling.  Carling, by the way, also donated to the raffle, earning additional entries, and volunteered for the Saturday afternoon shift.  Karma, fate and mathematics have smiled upon her.

    Congratulations Carling!

  • 07/30/2015 10:14 AM | Frederick (Rick) Okamura

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ... Carly Peterson, who won the complete homebrew kit (Thank You FH Steinbart!), and Skyler Heims, who won the Oregon Brew Crew hoodie, during the Oregon Brewers Festival!



    Rick Okamura

  • 06/15/2015 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    This year's PFBF homebrew competition featured so many great fruit beers and combinations, the judges (thanks again judges!!!) had quite a difficult time picking their favorites. Somehow, they managed to get the job done. Perhaps all the free beer helped... 

    These winners were announced at the PFBF this past weekend. In case you missed it, here they are:

    Category Winners (prize: $20 Burnside Brewing gift certificate)

    Light: Bryan Kast -- Orange Peel Red Ale

    Dark: Chuck Macaluso -- Blueberry Raspberry Porter

    Sour/Wild: Peter McDowell -- Strawberry Farmhouse Ale

    Spice/Herb: Colin Pearson -- Basil Watermelon Blonde Ale

    Cider/Perry: Ritch Marvin -- Apple Pear Cherry Cider (wild fermentation)

    Best of Show (prize: additional $50 Burnside Brewing gift certificate)

    Colin Pearson

    Congratulations to all the winners! We look forward to the entries next year's talent will proffer. Thank you again to Burnside Brewing Company for their continued support of local homebrewers and the Oregon Brew Crew.


    Jeremie Landers

    PFBF Comp Organizer | OBC Historian

  • 04/27/2015 7:00 PM | Anonymous

    Oregon Brew Crew April Board Meeting Minutes


    A board meeting of the Oregon Brew Crew was held in Portland, Oregon on April 28, 2015.  The meeting convened at 7:20PM.


    Members of the Board in attendance were:

    President, Lee Hedgmon

    Vice President, Will Minderhout

    Treasurer, Dylan VanDetta

    Secretary, Jodi Campbell

    Competition Committee Chairman, Jaime Koty

    Communication Committee Chairman, Jenn McPoland


    Lee Hedgmon:

    -OBC Board has been overwhelmed with emails and requests regarding information about the Water Treatment Project.  Lee would like all of these requests to be forwarded to Jason, Jaime, and Jeremie. 

    -Lee will be inviting a representative from Strange Brew Homebrew Club to attend the tail end of our next board meeting.  They have questions regarding being a non-profit club


    Dylan VanDetta:

    -Dylan passed a copy of the current budget to all present board members for review

    -Dylan requested Lee and Jodi to meet at OnPoint Community Credit Union on May 9th to sign documents to get debit cards issued


    Jenn McPoland:

    -Jenn is communicating with The Commons to make sure they can accommodate members for the next out meeting. 

    -Jenn is continually needing content for the Newsletter and is open to suggestions for new content

    -Jenn needs volunteers with their OLCC cards to help with the fruit beer fest June 12-14.  She will be creating a Facebook page for volunteers.  Jaime will send Jenn sign up for She Brew to see if she can use it.

    -A puzzler was suggested for the newsletter.  Jenn is open to it if someone is willing to put it together.


    Jaime Koty:

    -Tampa Bay competition will be August.  Jaime has been in talks with Tampa Bay regarding change of venue from Indiana State Fair.  The categories will be fruit beer and dark lagers.

    -June meeting competition will be fruit beer and Lawnmower beers.

    -Jaime was putting together suggestions for upcoming board meetings.  Some suggestions were Montavilla, Valley Growlers, Lucky Lab, and McPolander’s


    Will Minderhout:

    -Will is putting together an OBC Bull Run Watershed bus trip.  Suggested this become an annual trip for OBC members.  Trip is $10 per person with a maximum of 26 people.  Tours are July through October on Fridays and Saturdays.  A date has still not been set for this trip.

    -Will needs more people to sign up for coast bus trip


    Board discussions-

    -bringing back “B” meetings.  Some locations that were suggested were Ground Breaker, Bunsen Brewing, Three Mugs, 2 Kilts, and Ambacht

    -still trying to contact the Latvian hall for holiday party.  They are not responding to our messages.  We are expecting 200+ people with kids.  Board discussed potential for hiring teenagers as babysitters for this event.

    -Next weekend (Friday May 1st and Saturday May 2nd) is Cheers to Belgian Beers

    Jason Barker (not present but asked for board to discuss):

    -Jason Hinson has offered to host a feedback/tasting event at his house on May 4th.  Still looking for 1 or 2 more experienced homebrewers who can provide feedback to the 6-8 members bringing beer.  Register on the website.

    -Lisa Hinson has offered to put together content for new member packets.  Dylan has forwarded her a bunch of useful items.  If anyone else has anything for the packet forward info to Lisa.

    -During June 11th meeting Jason is thinking of putting together on “open forum” on homebrew tasting.  Encourage all members to bring beers and share with others and get feedback.  Also looking for experienced homebrewers to help with an “expert panel” Q&A portion.  If there is any feedback or better ideas for the education portion of the meeting contact Jason B.

    -Jason B. is attempting to organize a bus trip to OSU but responses have been slow.  Possibly planning this for July 7th, Aug 8th, 29, Sept 5, Oct 3, 10, 24 or Nov 21.  If any of these dates cause a conflict with the club let Jason B. know.

    -Jason B. is also looking into organizing a bus trip to Indie Hops sometime between Sept-Feb to see warehouse and pellet processing


    Meeting adjourned at 8:54PM


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