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02/05/2014 12:03 PM | Deleted user
A Word from the Burgermeister
by Jason Barker

A big thank you to those members that brought food to the January meeting. I love cooking and serving food to people, but with about 120 members to satisfy, I certainly appreciate the help you guys provided.

For future meetings, I really don't think I'll be doing any real "themes" for food. Why? Because we want diversity. One overwhelming response we got from the member survey was that people wanted more food options at each meeting, especially vegetarian options.

Keep your eyes peeled for the meeting reminder emails and I'll announce any special food requests I have for that week. Otherwise, I welcome you bringing whatever dishes you want to share. If you can, figure out a way to label your food item so people know what it is and who made it. Last meeting I provided white paper labels on which we just wrote "John's pasta salad-vegetarian" and "Jason's bean dip-spicy" for example. I received positive feedback from many members on this so let's continue. Also, remember to label your cookware so it doesn't get lost. I'll have some tape and a marker for this purpose if you forget.

To prevent the likely scenario of 47 dishes of pasta salad showing up at the same meeting, I request that you throw me a quick email to let me know what you're bringing please so we can coordinate. Also, please send me feedback on any in-meeting food related info you think I need to know about. I welcome your input. This is your club and your dues that I'm spending so please make sure I'm on track with your expectations.

The next in-meeting that we'll need food at is FH Steinbart's on Thursday, March 13th so be thinking about what interesting dish you want to make!  By popular demand I will be repeating the curry dip, bean dip, and hummus. My wife Lisa will be making her Mexican flan that is so smooth it's unbelievable! I'm still pondering the main dish, but word on the street is there will be Zenner's dogs in attendance too.  Lastly, if there is rice again this time, it won't be a sticky as speckling paste, I promise.

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