The Presidential Pint

02/08/2014 11:37 AM | Deleted user
The Presidential Pint
by Ted Assur

It’s February 1st, and I’m riding the Amtrak back from Eugene drinking a Hop Valley “Double-D Blonde” with former Burgermeister, Josh Huerta who graciously joined me for the “ride the train with the president” event.

I’ve just finished my 3rd beer competition judging in as many weeks. Sure, my wife has forgotten what I look like, and my kids are drawing pictures of “Papa + Beer = “HEART”

But I love judging beer. And it’s not just for the days away, drinking free beer (of variable quality). I think there’s no better way to help other homebrewers improve, than to provide them with honest, blind feedback. Before joining the board, I would enter every competition I could find, just to have someone be honest with me (sorry mom!), and help me improve my brewing.

Beer judges are in high demand.

There’s no simpler way to put it. Many of you that responded to our member survey last year indicated you want to judge, but weren’t quite sure where to start. The simplest way is to contact a local competition coordinator and ask them! (see more in this month’s, “So you want to be a beer judge?” article). Or, if you want to hear about the more glamorous side of judging, check out Jason Barker’s article recounting the first-ever Best of Craft Beer Awards.

In other news:

• Be sure to check out our new “OBC Homebrewer’s Cup” and “Member of the Year” (previously Homebrewer of the Year award) updates. The 2013 board worked very hard to recalibrate these competitions for you.

• I’m thrilled that the membership passed our scholarship and NHC subsidy votes this last month. Your board is continuing to look for ways we can directly and indirectly benefit the membership. Thank you for your support.

• Personally, my focus right now is putting together our club’s entry
in the
AHA Radegast Club of the Year Award. To that end, we’ll have a small video crew at this month’s out meeting at Ecliptic Brewing.

I hope you can join us.

Josh is looking thirsty again. I’m glad the competition asked us to take a few of these beers for the ride. Cheers! 

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