Competition Forms

Most homebrew competitions are using an online entry website/database and will provide you forms you can simply print, cut and attach to your bottles. If the competition asks you to attach "standard BJCP" form, please use these below:

  1. An Entry/Recipe form.
    Fill out the top section ("Brewer(s) Information" & "Entry Information") for each entry.
    If the competition requires it, complete the bottom section (Ingredients & Procedures). Check specific competition rules for details.

  2. A Bottle ID form.
    Fill it out, cut out one small form for each bottle, and attach it to each bottle in the entry with a rubber band.

These are the standard BJCP entry forms and are nearly universally accepted in all homebrew competitions. If you have questions about whether or not these forms are acceptable for a competition, please contact the competition organizer.

The Simplified OBC Club-Only Form is available to those who still need it.

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