President: Jim Thompson

Vice President: Jeff Orr

Secretary: Corrie Heath

Treasurer: Michele Lish

Events: Chris Manzi

Education: Bill Midkiff

Competition: Scott Nieradka

Membership: Vacant 

Burgermeister: Alex Parise

Communications: Dan Koperski

The OBC is always on the lookout for submissions for the newsletter,  please email us your ideas:

OBC Website

OBC Discord


OBC Facebook

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OBC Discord Server

Next OBC In-Meeting:

Thurs. Sept. 14th
@ F.H. Steinbart
234 SE 12th Ave, PDX 97214

Food: San Francisco Style
Education: Steam Beers & BJCP Judging

Open to any OBC member, their families and friends. 

August OBC B-Meeting:

Thurs. Sept 21st - 6:30PM
Oregon City  Brewing

1401 Washington St, Oregon City, OR 97045

OPEN to anyone!

Upcoming homebrew comps:

Lager Days - Sept. 16th - Lager/and central European ale styles only.
Rocktoberfest, Redmond, OR -  Sept. 2023
Fall Classic (OBC) - Portland OR, Nov 2023

See the OBC competition calendar  for more details.

Future homebrew comps:

None listed at this time.

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OBC In-Meeting @ F.H. Steinbart
Sept. 14, 2023 - Cali Common and SF Cuisine!

Brew Crew News

-- September 2023 --

Presidential Pint

Greetings and Happy September. I am about to keg the Märzen that I intended to brew back in the spring, and the weather change seems to have come at the perfect time. I really enjoy the return to big malty flavors in the Fall, and I am greatly looking forward to attending Oktoberfest in Leavenworth, WA in a couple of weeks for the first time.

The club is anxiously awaiting the first ever Lager Days competition later this month. We anticipate the inaugural event to have over 150 entries, which says a lot about the excitement and desire for lagers and lighter, more nuanced beers in general. We need a few more volunteers to help judge and steward! This is a great learning experience for our newer members, and a good ramp up to Fall Classic in November, which will take all the help we can get to pull off.

As we near up on our November elections meeting, there will be two open board meetings in September and October. Technically they are all open, but we are encouraging people who are interested in club leadership to attend a board meeting (we will buy you a beer) and see how they can help out. There will be positions available for 2024. Look for news about the exact time and locations.

Lastly, please come out for the September 14th meeting where we will honor Anchor Steam and learn more about the California Common beer style (19B). A number of us have brewed beers which will be blind judged by a panel, and possibly all the members if we can pull it off. Read more from Bill below. The winning brewer may get to collaborate with Level on a pilot batch of California Common (still confirming the details). Also don’t forget your San Francisco themed foods! Read that and more in Alex’s always entertaining Burgermeister News below.

-- Jim Thompson
OBC President

The VP Sampler

Looking forward to September's California common meeting, I will be brewing up one myself when I get back. Looking forward to trying out a few different examples and talking about the brew day!

Club Equipment (pilot system, jockey box, PA, cask, etc)

Still working on getting the equipment inventoried. If you would like to checkout anything please email me at jeff@obc.beer 

-- Jeff Orr


A Few Notes from your Treasurer

We would like to welcome some new OBC members to the club: Jayson Hester, Corey Oravetz, and Jason Van Horn! Hope to see you at the next meeting or competition!

We look forward to seeing everyone at this months in-meeting at FH Steinbarts and trying out your San Fran related dishes. 


-- Michele Lish
OBC Treasurer

Competition Corner - September 

Recent Competition Results:

Your Honey Or Your Life 

Happened in Portland Saturday July 29th 

Your Honey or Your Life Mead Competition results are posted at the link above. Big congrats to the following OBC'ers for their Medals:

  • Rodney Kibzey 2 Gold , 1 Silver, 3rd BOS!
  • Alex Parise 1Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, and 1st BOS for his dry mead!

Thanks to Lee Hedgmon for putting this on for the first year, and for running a well organized comp that was a pleasure to judge, and thanks to all the judges and stewards I saw out there last month.

Upcoming Competitions: 

Lager Days 


Occurs in Portland Saturday September 23rd 

Entries due the Saturday Sept. 16th.

Judging at Zoiglhaus Brewing.

Lager/and central European ale styles only.

First time running this comp and the only lager-centric comp in the PNW. We are in need of help with this competition, please sign up to judge/steward!

OBC Fall Classic

Occurs in Portland Mid-November 

All styles accepted.

OBC’s annual large competition.

Greetings From The Events Chair

Volunteer Opportunity!

The Level Beer, Fresh Hop American Summer Vol 2 will be held this year on September 16th at Level Beer. 

Event shift for volunteering is from 11:45-2:30 and 2:30-5:15. Early shift can stay for the rest of the festival and there will be pours available for the later volunteers right at the end of the event at 5.

Save the date! and please reach out to me at Chris@obc.beer if you have any questions about this volunteering opportunity or other events in the future. 

Friendly Reminder about our next B-Meeting (social hour)

Thursday September 21th @ Oregon City Brewing

1401 Washington St, Oregon City, OR 97045

6:30pm - Late

OPEN to anyone! 

-- Chris Manzi
OBC Events Chair

It's all about the education... 

Greetings Crew,

Happy hop harvest 2023! Hopefully you have all been enjoying some delicious freshies. In honor of the FRESH here are a few articles about harvesting those beautiful hops

John Moorhead from the AHA with a great overview on your homegrown hops


A round up of fresh hop homebrew ideas from the AHA


And finally here is a great listen from Zach Turner from Single Hill Brewing in Yakima aka the Fresh Prince of Yakima. (The hop pelletizer is really cool!l)


This month's education presentation will be incorporated with the California Common mini competition we have planned. We will be showing a 10 minute video conversation with Fritz Maytag, owner of Anchor Steam from 1965 to 2010. Afterwards, our competing brewers will be asked to give a short 2 to 3 minute talk on their beer. The winning brew, judged by a panel of 3, mini BOS style will get to brew the beer at Level Brewing! How exciting!

-- Bill Midkiff
OBC Education Chair

Burgermeister News

Hello my friends and welcome to another Burgermeister Corner. It is now September and the interminable summer seems to have come to an early end, but don’t worry, you’re still in store for yet another interminable Burgermeister rant from Alex, who has never seen a keyboard key he doesn’t want to hit repeatedly until you’re not sure whether you’re in for an overly long rant from Alex about things that seem entirely random or a clip from Star Trek II: The Wrath of KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. (Spoiler alert, it’s the former, I don’t think Wild Apricot mail supports gifs.)

You may be wondering what this meeting’s theme is, and well friends, do I have an answer for you. To go with all the lovely interpretations of Anchor Steam beer that y’all are brewing for this month’s meeting, this month’s theme will be “San Francisco foods.” If you go to google, like I did, and search “iconic dishes from San Fran” there are about one hundred thousand listicles of people talking up their 22 favorite SF dishes, and some of those dishes look mighty good. Those dishes mainly fall into three categories: 1) Chinese, 2) sourdough bread, and 3) shellfish. However, I’m sure plenty of you, like me, watched Nickelodeon and Full House and Family Matters and those sort of nonsense 80s and 90s shows, and if you did, you know quite as well as I do that the *real* iconic dish in question is Rice-A-Roni: The San Francisco Treat. So I’mma go ahead and plunk that down in the number 4) position in that list there. HOWEVER. All of this said, I have a couple caveats and bonuses outside our normal Burgermeister rant. First of all: if you bring fish, you will be putting your name on the label. Seafood brought to an OBC meeting can only be so fresh, and as a result, if one of our vegetarian members is the only one left standing in the Steinbart’s warehouse, looking across us all splayed on the floor like Fortinbras at the end of Hamlet, that member deserves to know which one of us what did it. Second: if you bring homemade Rice-A-Roni, I will be so tickled pink that in addition to your points and raffle tickets, I will be bringing a bunch of cool shit from my personal collection of oddities, and anyone bringing homemade Rice-A-Roni will get a special bonus something (probably weird) as a mark of my high esteem for your going down the ridiculous path of making homemade Rice-A-Roni. So you should do that, if only so as to brag to your friends about getting some weird bit of stuff in exchange for the frankly bizarre but not-terribly-hard-looking experience of making homemade R-A-R.

Now, you’re probably looking for a recipe from me, and I am happy to oblige! This weekend I was harvesting my garden and I wound up with a ton of ripe red jalapeno peppers and one (for now, the rest are, much like the British, (Paul Revere Voice) COMING) scotch bonnet pepper, and so of course I had to make myself some hot sauce. But what kind of hot sauce? Well, I nipped down to New Seasons and what did they have but some beautiful looking Maryhill peaches, and so my path was clear. Here’s what I did, and here’s what you should do: Get yourself an onion and a head of garlic, chop ‘em up, and zazz ‘em around real quick in a high-sided pan with some butter (or some other oil, you do you), salt, and pepper. While they’re going, halve a couple peaches, remove the pits, and then chop them up real big, and once the onions are translucent, throw them in the butter with ‘em. Now take your red jalapenos, de-stem them, slice ‘em into little coins, and toss them in the pot with the rest of that stuff. Chop up the scotch bonnet and toss that in there too. Once they look a li’l bit soft, now’s when you’re gonna add some orange juice, the juice of two lemons, and something containing acetic or lactic acid. I happened to have some pickled garlic scapes that were done fermenting, so I tossed a cup of the juice in there; you probably don’t have that, so just toss some vinegar in instead. Now add sugar to taste (I used three tablespoons) and move all of it around until the liquid reduces by about half. Then kill the heat, grab your handy blender-on-a-stick (or immersion blender (or, as the similar tool in my college biochem lab was called, The Homogenizer)) and grind it all down into a nice smooth sauce, but not too smooth, because variety is the spice of life. Now taste it with your spoon: perfection. Not perfection? Fine, add salt/pepper/sugar as you like. Throw it in the fridge, and then pour it on everything you eat until its gone, and then be sad that you probably won’t have Maryhill peaches or fresh red jalapenos until this time next year. But don’t worry, this time next year, you’ll still have this recipe, and until then, I remain, as always,

See you at the meeting! Cheers!

-- Alex Parise

OBC Burgermeister