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OBC In Meeting Elections and Chili Cookoff!

November 11 7:00 pm

ELECTIONS- Nominations are open to head the various committees that keep our club up and running. See the newsletter and the website for details.


You got that right. Our Annual Chili Cookoff is this next meeting so dust off your cookbooks, get out your best wooden spoon and get to cookin'!

  • 3 prizes for the top 3 best chilis. This month’s prizes will help spice things up in your kitchen and maybe even put a hoppy smile on your face.
  • Whether it's beaned, bean-less, brisket, pork, or chicken, green, brown, red, or vegetarian, Bring your best to share and compete for bragging rights. Show us what you’ve got!
  • Please help us all have a happy and safe evening by labeling your chili with what meat or other alternate protein it contains as well as allergens our members may need to stay clear of.  Some may like to know, some may need to know. Your Burger Meister is deathly allergic to onions, shallots, leeks, and chives.
  • OBC will provide the cornbread, sour cream, shredded cheese, bowls, napkins, and spoons.
  • Direct your Chili and food related questions to Tori at torri.hansmann@oregonbrewcrew.org 503-396-1141.
  • Can’t bring chili? Bring chips, Guac (for you trust funders) and other snacks to fill our bellies. (Since we did not get to do our fudge contest, maybe you would like to make some for this meeting. No prizes for it, but many compliments for sure.)
  • If you bring "other" food, so please Tori know who you are and what you brought so she can put tickets in a bucket at our next meeting for a drawing of 3 more great prizes.
  • We love helpers- There is this point thing you can rack them up by volunteering to set up for meetings and staying after to help your board members clean up the mess so we will always be welcome back in their space. Please pitch in and we’ll leave the ‘clubhouse’ looking better than when we arrived.

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